Healthy Cheese Sauce

The Best Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipe

So if you were thinking of having broccoli or a baked potato for dinner today and wanted a low-fat, healthy cheese sauce to top it … maybe one that has no cholesterol or is low in saturated fat … or maybe you needed one that is dairy-free or lactose-free, you may have done a search on Google and come across a few vegan “cheese sauce” recipes. This is because vegan “cheese sauces” are naturally all of these healthy things. But I’ve seen and tasted quite a few, and while some of them are absolutely delicious, I’ve never had one that actually tasted like real cheese sauce.

And, this one is no exception. But wait!

I’ve learned something in my healthy cheese sauce quest I’d like to share with you. And it goes like this:

I like ice cream. It’s probably one of my favorite foods. And I like guacamole too. Right up there with ice cream.

So let’s say you invited me to your house for some guacamole and ______.  (Fill in the blank. It doesn’t matter; everything’s good with guac.)  When I’m eating your yummy guacamole, I wouldn’t complain that it didn’t taste like ice cream.

And then if you served me some ice cream, I wouldn’t whine that it didn’t taste like guacamole. (Actually, if you fed me both ice cream and guacamole on the same visit, I’d probably just move in with you. But I digress.) They both taste different, but they both taste good!

The Best Vegan and Gluten-Free Cheese Sauce

That’s the way I look at vegan cheese sauce. Even the best of them don’t taste like “real” cheese sauce. Real cheese sauce and vegan cheese sauce are two different foods. That said, many vegan cheese sauces are oh-soooo-wonderfully scrumptious! I could eat this “cheese” sauce (recipe below) on just about everything. Oh, wait. I do eat it on just about everything. And with every luscious bite,  my mind never bothers to remind me that it doesn’t taste like “real” cheese sauce.

It’s creamy and comforting.  It’s great with chips, but it’s also luscious over broccoli, fabulous on potatoes, and wonderful with cauliflower. In fact, this cheesy sauce can make just about any yucky vegetable taste amazing!

Except beets.

So, if you’ve never tried vegan cheese sauce before, I want to encourage you to give it a try. No, it doesn’t taste like the real deal, but when it’s so yum (and so guilt-free), who cares?!

Cheese Sauce Nutrition

This cheesy sauce is trans-fat-free, cholesterol free, lactose & casein free, soy-free, and gluten-free.  And it’s a good source of fiber so it’s great for weight loss.  (No “real” cheese sauce out there can say that!)  It also dishes up protein, vitamins A and K, magnesium, copper, selenium, and manganese, and gets its color and an added nutrient boost from raw carrots.

How to Make It

A high-powered blender, such as a Vitamix or Blendtec (definitely one of the best investments I’ve ever made!!), will give you the best, smoothest results; but you can make this cheese sauce in a regular blender if you take the time to blend it really, really well.

Sliceable Vegan Cheese?

This recipe makes a delicious vegan cheese sauce. Click here for a recipe that makes vegan cheese you can slice.

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Healthy Cheese-Like Sauce
This vegan cheese sauce is made without nutritional yeast flakes. If you want the added "cheesiness" that nutritional yeast flakes offers, simply add two tablespoons in step one.
  1. Place 1 cup water and next 7 ingredients (cashews through tahini) in blender and blend until very, very smooth. (A high-powered blender works best for this.)
  2. Add oil and blend well.
  3. Add tapioca starch or corn starch. Blend until well mixed.
  4. Pour into medium/large sauce pan. Rinse blender with remaining 2 cups water and add to sauce pan.
  5. Bring to boil over medium/high heat, stirring constantly, until mixture is thick and bubbly.
  6. Remove from heat.
  7. Serve warm or chilled.

Other Vegan Cheese Recipes

Vegan Cheese Recipe

Here’s a sliceable vegan cheese that we like to use on sandwiches or on top of crackers.


And here’s a vegan mozzarella cheese recipe for on top of your pizza or lasagna.

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  1. Susan says

    I wasn’t thinking about having broccoli or a baked potato for dinner today until I read this recipe, and now my dinner plans have changed. I may even have beets and drizzle a little of this tasty sauce over them. Thanks for the great recipe.

  2. Diane says

    Hi Jennifer,
    This looks delicious but I am doing my very best to cut out all free pouring oils because I don’t want the extra fat in my diet. Can you suggest how I might make this without the 1/4 cup of added oil which is 100% fat and still have it taste great?. Although the oil you have in your recipes is better fat than is found in animal products and dairy, it is still 100% fat and “the fat I eat is the fat I wear” to quote Dr. John McDougall. Thanks and I love your recipes. Diane

    • says

      Hi Diane,
      You can leave the oil out of this recipe with good results. It won’t be quite as rich and will lack some of the creamy “mouth feel”, but it will still be good.

      Glad you enjoy the recipes. Thank you for your comment.


  3. Susan says

    This vegan cheese sauce is excellent when lavishly poured over potatoes, kale, and beets! That’s what I just had for lunch. (I eat 2 meals a day, so my lunch is what other people usually call dinner.) So Jennifer, you can now eat beets and like them.

  4. Zoraida Torres says

    I thought I was the only one with a vegan cheese sauce quest! I am searching for one that taste great, not just ok. I am not a fan of tahini,does it stand out here? I have tahini in the fridge so I can add it if it will not be too strong. I will try this cheese out very soon! Can I use it some how to make a broccoli “cheese” soup? Or do you have a good broccoli cheese soup? Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Zoraida,
      I’m not too crazy about tahini either, but in this recipe the tahini combined with the other ingredients lends a nice flavor to the sauce – not a tahini flavor, but rather … hmmm … not sure how to describe it. I would definitely not omit it.

      I think it may work well with broccoli soup. I’m thinking maybe a few potatoes in the soup would help blend the flavors nicely.

      Thanks for your comment.


  5. Shelley says

    Tried this and really liked it. Not like regular cheese sauce but you said that. Maybe even better than regular cheese sauce. :)

  6. Linda says

    Do you soak the cashews first? I’ve not tried this yet, but I will for sure! Always on the lookout for a good sauce that’ stealthy too. Thank you!

  7. Denice says

    Thank you for sharing the recipe! I have a couple of questions questions . . .

    Can lime juice be substituted for the lemon juice?
    Approximately how long will it take for the cheese to cook?
    What would be a good “litmus test” for thickness?

    • says

      Hi Denice,
      I think it would be best to stick with lemon juice.

      The cheese sauce just needs to come to a good, full boil. The time it takes to do so depends on how hot your stove is, but it usually takes about 5 to 7 minutes for me. (Be sure to stir it constantly so it doesn’t stick/scorch.)

      When it comes to a full boil, it’ll have thickened as much as it is going to thicken. Although it will thicken a bit as it cools, boiling it longer won’t make it any thicker.

      I hope this answers your questions. I think after you make it once, you’ll get a “feel” for it; it’s a pretty easy recipe after you’ve made it once.


      • Denice says

        I forgot to add . . .

        Well, being “quick draw McGraw”, I tried the recipe with bottle organic lime juice about 10 minutes are I posted the first question. It still tasted good. But, I could tell that there was something missing with the flavor. With the first batch, I’ve used it as a dip with tortilla chips as well as a topping on a baked potato and vegan chili relleno.

  8. johan bauwens says

    Looks delicious, but I find it weird Americans put all raw ingredients in a blender and then heat them up. In Europe we hardly use blenders, unless to puree soup, or make smoothies.
    We would boil the cashews and carrots separately and then mix them.

    Also, we wouldn’t use onion or garlic flakes (didn’t even know that existed).

    Still, worth a try !

    • says

      Hi Johan,

      That’s very interesting!

      The reason I bring the mixture to a boil is not to cook the carrots and cashews, but rather to thicken the sauce. The recipe uses starch as a thickener, and as you probably know starch needs to be boiled to thicken.

      Feel free to use raw onion and garlic in this recipe instead of granulated; I often do that and it turned out fine. I wrote the recipe using the granulated because they are readily available in the U.S. and most people have them on hand.

      I hope you like the sauce! :)

  9. says

    Thank you for this recipe! The first time I made it, I devoured about half of it with some tortilla chips right away. The next day I discovered that the leftovers make a wonderful soup base. Bonus! I added some vegetable broth, salsa, black beans, and corn. Delicious. I recently made it again and this time I added vegetable broth and chopped, steamed broccoli for a vegan “Broccoli Cheese Soup.” Oh, the possibilities. Thanks again!

    • says

      You’re welcome, Kim. Thank you for your comment. We’ve used it as a base for broccoli soup (yum!), but I’ve never thought of the black bean-salsa-corn soup idea. That sounds fabulous!!
      Getting hungry thinking about it! :)


  10. Lisa says

    Love this ‘cheese sauce’! It is the first one I’ve tried that I really like. I used nutritional yeast, but I think I’ll try it without next time or less for a milder flavor.

  11. Lori says

    I can’t tell you how excited I am about this cheez sauce! It’s got tahini, but doesn’t really taste like it. It’s got garlic, but doesn’t really taste like it. It is a perfect combination that balances the flavours so that no one thing overwhelms and screams NOT cheese! I started making a half batch, so as not to waste ingredients if we didn’t like it or couldn’t come up with a use for 3 cups, but made a mistake while multi-tasking and had to make the whole batch. Not a problem–we’ve found plenty of excuses to eat the Healthy Cheese-like Sauce!

    Thank you!

    • says

      So glad you liked it … and that you had no problem getting it all eaten! We often make a double batch 😉 Potatoes, broccoli, pasta, rice, kale, cauliflower, garbanzos, sweet potatoes, … we like it on about everything.

      Thanks so much for your comment!

  12. Becca says

    I have a cashew allergy. Are there any other nuts I can use to substitute it out? I’m dying to try this recipe!


  13. says

    Hi Becca,
    Cashews work really well because they’re very mild in flavor and they blend up smooth and creamy, but if you can’t use cashews, I think the next best option would be macadamias.

    Blanched almonds sometimes work as a substitute for cashews, but even with a high-powered blender the texture will not be as smooth and creamy as it is with cashews.

    So I would try macadamia nuts. Be sure to blend them extra well and you may need to adjust seasonings slightly.

    • says

      Hi Peggy,

      When I use cornstarch, it doesn’t freeze well at all. When I use tapioca starch, it does “okay”. It’s very edible (tastes good), but it still breaks down some. Reheating helps, but the sauce is a little thinner than it is without freezing.

      Hope this helps.


  14. says

    I have had vegan cheese sauce that tastes like the real deal – even better in fact! It was at the Spiral Diner vegan restaurant in Dallas, and they are famous for their cheese nachos (among vegans & carnivores alike!). If you’re ever in Dallas, get their cheese nachos. They will blow your mind! Their website is

    By the way, I currently have your veggie broth recipe simmering on the stove, and it’s the first time I’ve made veggie broth from scratch! My hubby and I just moved to Mexico, and I guess vegetarianism isn’t big here, because I can’t find any vegetable broth in the stores. I’ve looked at other recipes in the past, but none of them were as detailed and easy to understand as yours. I love the list of what to put in and what to leave out. Thank you!

    • says

      While tapioca starch is definitely my favorite (better texture, better taste, and reheats beautifully), I have used arrowroot and it turned out fine. Be careful not to boil it too long since arrowroot will break down.

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