Cutting Vegetables – FAST!

I first saw this food chopper being used to chop cucumbers when I was attending a cooking class taught by a friend of mine. While I thought the chopper was a pretty neat little thing, I wasn’t interested in buying one because I have this phobia of accumulating too many kitchen gadgets.

Cutting carrots with my food chopper

I especially try to avoid those that take so much time to clean that they don’t really save time. And I steer clear of those that look “gadgety”. And this one definitely looked “gadgety”.

A few months later, another friend and I were making fruit salad at her house, and she brought out the chopper and gave me the job of cutting up the strawberries, bananas, and apples. In 60 seconds, I was sold. It took me less than 10 minutes to cut up a HUGE bowl of fruit. It would’ve taken me at least 30 minutes with a knife.

And it was the most beautiful fruit salad I’ve ever seen with all the fruit cut up into little uniform cubes.

What about clean up?

When I was done cutting the fruit, she cleaned it with a little tool that comes with the chopper and sprayed it with the kitchen faucet sprayer and it was clean! What a time saver.

food chopper

So, the next day, I bought one.

Now I use my food chopper several times a week. I can make potato soup in less than half the time it takes me without my chopper. And it looks so pretty!

Salsa, diced cucumbers for salad, vegetable soup, fruit salad – it’ll chop about anything!

My favorite part of the chopper is how it changes chopping onions from a tearful chore into a quick and easy 20-seconds-and-I’m-done! Just this fact alone makes it worth at least twice as much as I paid for it.

Tips for Using the Food Chopper

food chopper

My food chopper works great for cutting hard fruits and vegetables, like apples and carrots, but I can’t just gently push down on it like you see on the TV commercials. I have to sort of … sort of slam it.  I tried to think of a different word besides “slam”, because that’s not quite accurate, but I can’t think of another one.  It isn’t hard; you just can’t slowly slide it through a carrot like on the commercials. But it’s still MUCH easier and MUCH faster than cutting with a knife. Much.

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  1. I bought 2 of these choppers. I saved one still in the box in case I decide to give it as a gift, but I use the other one all the time, every chance I get. There’s hardly a vegetable in my kitchen that doesn’t get chopped. I LOVE it. And I agree. . . it is easy to clean, much easier than a food processor.

  2. I love my vidalia but I need to find out where to get the cleaning tool to replace the one that broke, any thing come to mind? I’m stumped

    1. Hi Tonya,
      You can call the Vidalia Chop Wizard company at 800-284-4628 and they will send will send you a new cleaning tool for $2.00. The shipping is free.

      I just called them to make sure this is still an option and they said yes, but the tool is back-ordered until April.

      Hope this helps.

  3. I found this article when I did a Google search for the easiest way to clean a food chopper. I have one of these, but I rarely use it b/c of the annoyance of cleaning it. It seems like I have to use the little comb to rake through the chopper grid forever before this thing is clean, and usually, it’s not worth it.

    1. I hear ya’. I hate gadgets that take longer to clean than the time they save. Here’s how I clean our food chopper. It takes less than 20 seconds to get it completely clean.
      Hold the grid under fast running water at an angle so the water runs down the end of the grid.
      Use the comb to “shovel” rather than “rake” the food out.
      Run the comb lengthwise and then crosswise.
      It should take just seconds to get it clean! 🙂

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