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Healthy Waffle and Pancake Syrup
I’ve had several requests lately for the Wonderful Waffle recipe to be put back on the website.  (When I switched from Blogger to WordPress, the recipe somehow didn’t make the trip.)  So here it is, but this time with a video! : )

These waffles are soooo good!

PLEASE NOTE: The measurements in the video are different than the measurements in the recipe because I was using a different waffle iron (that is no longer available). The recipe (below) has correct measurements.

Wonderful waffles are made from whole grains and are super nutritious and slimming. What a great way to start your day!

Vegan, Gluten-Free Waffles

Healthy Waffle Recipe

Wonderful Waffles

The nuts and oats in these waffles provide healthy fats and whole grains, making Wonderful Waffles a great way to start the day!
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 20 mins
YIELD 3 round waffles
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  • 2 cups non-dairy milk - such as almond milk
  • 1/3 cup raw almonds - or raw cashews
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil - optional
  • 1 3/4 cup regular or quick oats - gluten-free if desired
  • 2 tablespoons raw sugar or evaporated cane juice - optional
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt - scant
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla


  • Place all ingredients in blender and blend until very smooth. This may take several minutes if you don’t have a very powerful blender.
  • Meanwhile, preheat a small round waffle iron.
  • Immediately, pour enough batter into hot, oiled waffle maker. Use enough batter to nearly cover the surface of the waffle iron.
  • Bake on high. When steam stops rising from iron (after about 4 to 6 minutes if using this waffle iron) and lid lifts easily, check waffle for doneness. 
  • Waffle is done when it is nicely browned.


  • Some of the new waffle irons don't get hot enough to bake these waffles properly. I recommend this waffle iron. It's a good iron and bakes these waffles nicely.


1. Do not make waffle batter ahead of time. It will thicken too much and the waffles with turn out heavy. Rather prepare it right before pouring it into the hot iron.
2. Do not open waffle iron until waffle is close to being done. When waffle is done, the iron lid will lift easily. If lid does not lift right up, then the waffle needs a little bit more baking time.
3. These waffles take a little longer to bake than ordinary waffles that contain baking soda or baking powder. (We like to avoid baking soda and powder when possible as they aren't good for the bones or for digestion.) However, your patience will be rewarded with good health and a delicious breakfast!
4. These waffles freeze nicely. Just heat in the toaster before eating. These waffles are quite tasty topped with Berry Berry Sauce, Strawberry Applesauce, or even Blueberry Smoothie.

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  1. We had to watch it 3 times! What fun…we’ll try the recipe on Sunday since Brad got a new waffle iron from one of the kids for Christmas. Beckie

    1. Nice Video! I can’t find the Berry Berry Sauce on your site any longer, I wanted to share the link with a friend but can’t find it. Let me know when you put it up, thanks!!

        1. Thanks! hat Berry Berry sauce was delicious, I even saved some as a topping for homemade pineapple ice cream and was the perfect touch. I added some more grape juice to get it more runny for the ice cream.

          Thanks again! Let me know when you post those attrative cookies recipe that are with the Brazil milk!

  2. Love the video can’t wait to try the waffles and sauce. My son just became vegan, so I am very excited to make these. Just wondering–I’m assuming you used Old Fashioned Oats, do you think I could also use the Quick Cooking Oats? Since you blend it all up….I was thinking maybe yes…..

      1. I ended up using old-fashioned–I thought I was out, but I wasn’t. Good to know about the quick oats, though. Thanks!!

  3. I made these and they were very good. My husband had his with a little peanut butter and sliced bananas. My son just became a vegan–so he got to eat them, too! I can’t wait to try the berry sauce. Thanks for posting (or re-posting) this! Loved your video, saw it on Pinch of Yum. Now I’m subscribed to your blog!

  4. These waffles look amazing – I can’t wait to make them! I LOVED the video as well, very creative!
    Just a question, do you have the recipe for the skinny cream topping? I did go to the ‘link’ provided, but couldn’t find the recipe there. My waffles just won’t be the same without the skinny cream topping!

    1. Hi Nerine,

      The Skinny Coconut Cream Topping is from my weight loss program, which is a subscription-based program. Subscribers get access to all the recipes and other help, tips, etc.

      I’m glad you liked the video. : )


  5. These look scrumptious! Do you have any more info about baking powders and soda on digestion? I’ve been suspecting for a while now that baking powder is not my intestines friend, but have never found any information about it.

    1. Hi Shana,
      Baking soda and baking powder (even aluminum-free baking powder) alter the pH of the stomach and irritate the digestive lining.
      We try to avoid them when possible, which means we make these delicious waffles … and we opt for cookies made without baking powder (I’ll be sharing some recipes soon), we check cereal ingredients, and we eat ice cream cake for birthdays instead of regular cake. [I know, poor us 😉 ]
      I think it makes a difference in digestive health.

    1. Hi Kim,
      I don’t think this will work for pancakes since it’s the steam caught in the hot waffle iron that makes these egg-free, baking powder-free waffles rise.

  6. Just made your waffles and they are great. Unfortunately I have a very old waffle iron wich belong to my grandmother. So I switched it off by 5 minutes and again by 8 minutes.
    Kind regards from Holland.

    1. Hi Hanita,
      Happy to have you visit from so far away : )
      I’m glad you liked the waffles and that you were able to make them work with your grandmother’s iron.

  7. These look incredible for after a hard workout! I was just wondering, could I sub either almond flour or cashew butter for the almonds or cashews? (I guess I’m wondering how ground up they get in the blender!) I usually don’t just buy raw nuts because they’re too calorie dense for me to keep around! If so, what would be the appropriate amounts to sub, or should I just experiment? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ellie,

      I would think you should be able to substitute almond flour for the almonds (but I’ve never tested it to be sure). In most recipes, 1/3 cup of whole almonds equals almost 1/2 cup of almond flour.

      Hope you enjoy 🙂


    1. Hi Renee,
      I’ve tested countless waffle irons, including the Cuisinart that you linked to in your comment, and none of them work as well as the one that I linked to in my recipe above. Unfortunately, they don’t make waffle irons to get as hot as they used to.
      As far as Teflon, I do try not to use it very often. I’m anxiously awaiting someone to invent a good waffle iron made from something other than Teflon!
      I hope this helps.

      1. Ok thank you! The one you linked is cheaper but the one I linked was bigger so wondered. The one I have takes about 10 minutes to do an oat waffle. Yes, we do t eat waffles often either…I too am waiting for a good waffle iron! as well ,

  8. .I also left out the coconut oil and vanilla so am sure that would not make a difference. I did notice the batter was thin at first but as I made the waffles it got thick toward the end.

    I watched the video too and the measurements are different than what your website has. Which one is best?

    One more thing…I used slivered almonds…is the ones with the skin on better to use?

    1. Yes, the batter thickens the longer it sits, which seems to work out okay as long as I only make one recipe at a time. If I try to make a double recipe, then the tail end of the batter thickens too much before the batter gets poured into the waffle iron.

      The measurements in the video are different than the measurements in the recipe because I was using a different waffle iron (that is no longer available). The recipe in the post has the correct measurements for the waffle iron recommended. And it perfectly makes 3 beautiful waffles.

      I haven’t tested this recipe with slivered almonds, so I don’t know how it would affect the recipe. But I do know that slivered almonds measure out differently than whole almonds, so that substitution will make a difference.

      Hope you enjoy!

      1. ok thanks…I do have regular almonds as well. The waffles were a hit…but I will do it next time with the almonds with the skins on!

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