Pausing to appreciate the many blessings I have in my life – big and small …

I’m thankful for cozy socks that almost make me forget it’s winter…

For color more beautiful than any painting I’ve ever seen –Β  by the greatest Artist ever known…

For fuzzy mittens that let my fingers poke out…

For brave little greens tucked away in the winter beds…


For frosty blueberries that remind me of summer…


For remembering that mistakes are the stepping stones on the path of learning and trials make me a better person…


For Someone bigger than I who has my life in His hands.


For my favorite people in the whole world.

What are YOU thankful for? I want to hear about it! πŸ™‚ Leave a comment below!


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  1. HI.
    I am thank full that Jesus died for our sins, very thank full for my beautiful wife. Today we are celebrating 18 years of marriage , THANK YOU JESUS. I am thank full for my children and my friends. Jan and myself are very thank full for all your friendship.
    thank you.
    God bless.
    Jan & Lenny

  2. Hello Jenny. Just can’t help but tell you that your web site is beautiful – very beautiful !!!I am glad that it exists as I refer people to it for info and recipes, etc.. Also, I am thankful for your family and the blessing you are. You are in my prayers nearly daily. Hugs, Leslie

  3. I’m super thankful for Jesus and our Heavenly Father. And I’m very thankful for your website and all the blessings you are trying to give to help people to be healthy. May the Lord bless all of you and keep you
    smiling. Keep on with the wonderful ‘bunny food’ too. πŸ™‚

    Love and hugs,

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