Cream of Chickpea Soup

This wonderfully delicious, lusciously creamy, gluten-free and vegan Cream of Chickpea Soup is just as delicious as any chicken soup you’ve ever had. It has a rich, hearty flavor and yet is light and healthy.

With protein-packed chickpeas, just the right amount of veggies, and a light vegan cream, this soup is a meal in a bowl.

Tender Chickpeas

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I like to make this soup with dried chickpeas that I’ve cooked in a crock pot or an Instant Pot. They taste better and have a nicer texture.  Cooking your own chickpeas (garbanzos) in a crock pot or Instant Pot is as easy as can be, and it only takes a few minutes of your time. Check out my post about cooking beans in a crock pot (slow cooker). And here’s how to cook garbanzo beans in an Instant Pot.

Where to buy the best dried garbanzo beans?

Azure Standard carries the ABSOLUTE BEST garbanzo beans (chickpeas) I have ever tasted! They are super fresh and flavorful and always cook up tender and buttery. Once you try them, you’ll never want garbanzo beans from anywhere else.

Simple to make and loved by all, this one is sure to become a favorite you’ll make over and over again!

Healthy Soup

Not only is this Cream of Chickpea Soup absolutely luscious, but it is super healthy as well.  It offers you a good dose of iron (which helps keep your immune system functioning well), manganese (which improves bone health and reduces inflammation), and folate (which is associated with lower risk of depression and better heart health).

Vegan Cream of Chickpea Soup

Cream of Chickpea Soup

If at all possible, try to use chickpeas that have been cooked in a crock-pot or in an Instant Pot for this soup. It takes a little planning ahead, but the added flavor and tender texture is so worth it!
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Soup
YIELD 6 cups
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  • 4 ribs celery, diced
  • 3 medium carrots, diced small or sliced thin
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 1 tablespoons olive oil - (optional)




  • In a large soup pan, sauté celery, carrots, and onions in olive oil over medium heat until onions begin to soften – about 5 minutes. (Or, if you prefer to avoid oil, saute without.)
  • Meanwhile, make cream base. Place cashews, 1 cup water, salt, garlic clove, lemon juice, and tahini in blender and blend until very smooth. (This works best with a heavy-duty blender.) Set aside.
  • When onions are beginning to soften, turn heat to high and add 3 cups water and seasonings to pan. Cover and bring to boil.
  • Reduce heat and cook over low heat until vegetables are tender but not mushy (about 6 to 8 minutes). Cooking time will vary depending on the size of the vegetable pieces.
  • When vegetables are tender, stir in chickpeas.
  • Stir in blender mixture and cook just until hot, but do not boil.


Crock-pot-cooked beans work best in this recipe. If using canned beans, add them along with the water and seasonings.

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  1. Could I make the Garbanzo Bean cream soup using beans I’ve cooked in a pressure cooker? They have tons of flavor. Then transfer to a crick pot?

    1. HI Bonnie,

      A pressure cooker would work fine. As long as they’re very soft when they are done in the pressure cooker, you can add them directly to the soup then.



  2. 5 stars
    Jennifer, I am just getting this soup ready for lunch, and I can hardly wait until it is ready. I love soups any time ,all the time and I’m sure this is going to be another favorite. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Matilda

  3. 5 stars
    I made this today and it was fantastic! Thank you! I can tell it will be a staple soup recipe that I make many times over the years. I loved it that much!

  4. 5 stars
    Hi Jennifer,

    I think I have made this soup 3x since first trying it two weeks ago. It is delicious and so simple. Thank you so much!


  5. 5 stars
    Jennifer, thanks for separating this into the cream base and all other components. This makes it very easy for me to sub in for typical canned “Cream of X” soup in recipes. Going to try this in place of standard ingredients for green bean casserole this holiday season 🙂 Might add a homemade chickpea bread crumb to the top in place of crispy onions,.. TBD.

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