No-Cook Recipes on 3ABN TV

No Cook No Bake Cookies

A while back, I taped a program at 3ABN studios in which I demonstrated several no-cook recipes. I was sort of thinking that they would come in handy on those days when it’s just too hot to cook.  3ABN did air the program this past summer; but, interestingly, they have chosen to air it again today.

Oh, well.  Maybe your stove is broken … or maybe you’d like to include more raw foods in your diet.  Either way, I hope you enjoy the program!

Tune in to 3ABN today, Thursday, at 2:30 EDT if you’d like to watch the program.  After you go to, click on “Networks” at the top of the page, then 3ABN TV.

One of the recipes I demonstrated was No-Bake Peanut Butter Carob Balls (pictured above).  Click here for the recipe 🙂

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    A while back, I remember finding a great recipe (no-bake dessert balls) on your blog. When I made them my family & friends from church really enjoyed them. It’s a couple years since I first made them but I think they had puffed rice cereal, honey, nut butters, and were rolled in coconut. I’m currently an intern at Sunizona Family Farms and this Sunday is our annual Farm Day. Since I’ve been working in their sprouted grains bakery, I’ve been asked to teach a healthy baking class and wanted to include this and dried fruit balls with the other baking we’ll be doing to encourage some no-bake options as well. Would you be willing to share the recipes you showed on 3ABN with me? Or others you could recommend? I appreciate it! Thanks so much for what you’re doing through your website. God bless~


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