I noticed your blog doesn’t have ads. How do you fund your site?

When I started, I simply wanted to help others learn to live a healthy life and lose weight healthfully. I wasn’t out to make money.

What I didn’t realize then was that the more traffic a website gets, the more expensive it is to maintain.  The number of visitors to my site grew quickly and consequently, hosting costs increased, security costs increased, and lots of new expenses were added.

Easy Money – at a Cost

I receive a number of emails every day from ad agencies and manufacturers asking if they can advertise on my site. These ads could easily pay for my site expenses, but how can I advertise gimmicky weight-loss/energy bars when I would never personally recommend them to my readers?

So, I decided that this site would be my gift to my readers, and for many years it has run at a negative. Which is ok – especially after I receive emails like this one:

Jennifer, I am emailing you to tell you what a blessing you have been to me. I can truly say that you have changed my life. I had been overweight for 21 years, but with the help of your website, I am now at my comfortable weight and feel healthier than I have for years.

How can you help?

If you have enjoyed the recipes and information on and would like to be a part of keeping it running, here are some ways you can help:

1. You can purchase products you already buy – like an iRobot, an Instant pot, headphones, and tablets – through my Amazon link. I earn a small commission and it doesn’t cost you a penny more!

2. You can purchase anything through this link to Etsy, like this cereal killer spoon, llama shirts, or beautiful, vegan loofah soap. (I earn a small commission and it doesn’t cost you a penny more!)

3. You can give a donation.

Thank you!

Legal Stuff

Here’s the legal stuff I am supposed to put on my site to let you know that I earn money from the 2 options.

Posts on Jennifer’s Kitchen may contain affiliate links and links to sponsors (However, I never recommend any product that I don’t fully trust.)

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Jennifer’s Kitchen is a participant in the Etsy Affiliate Program. If you click on an Etsy link on my site and then purchase something from Etsy, I earn a small commission (but it doesn’t cost you any more).

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