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White pasta is made from refined flours and contributes to poor health. On the other hand, whole-grain pasta is a healthy, nourishing food. The problem is that most whole-grain pastas taste like cardboard.

The solution? Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta is a whole-grain pasta with a light texture and delicious taste. And it’s gluten-free. While most gluten-free pastas are highly refined, Tinkyada pasta is made from whole-grain, brown rice.

Where to buy Tinkyada pasta

I buy my Tinkyada pasta from Azure Standard. You can also get it from Amazon. Sometimes Tinkyada is available at grocery stores, but it is usually more expensive than Azure.

Different varieties of Tinkyada pasta

Tinkyada pasta comes in elbows, spaghetti, shells, fettuccine, fusilli, lasagna, spirals, penne, and large shells.

Recipes that use pasta