Pre-Made, Healthy Menus


A meal plan saves time and money — and helps ensure your family eats healthy. But who has time to write up a menu, find the recipes, and then make out a grocery list week after week?
I’ve got you covered.

Three Menus to Choose From



Healthy Lunch Meal Plans

Because I do all the planning for you, you can get in and out of the kitchen quickly. No more figuring out what to make for dinner or checking to see if you have ingredients.


What You Get


Healthy, planned menu for
a week’s worth of dinners

A complete and detailed grocery list
so you always have what you need

All the recipes you need for
a week’s worth of meals

A daily, step-by-step guide to
minimize the time you
spend in the kitchen


Secrets and tips to save you time

Kids cook

Optional, step-by-step guide to
include your kids in meal prep

Choose Your Menu





1. How many meals are included each menu?

We give you six days of carefully planned dinners.
This builds flexibility into the menu by giving you one day a week to eat out, have leftovers, or whatever you like.

2. How many people does a menu serve?

The “Healthy-Eating Menus” serve a family of four.
The “Healthy Packed Lunch Menu” (coming soon) serves one and the “Healthy-Eating Menu for Two” (coming soon) serves two.

3. How long does it take to prepare the meals in the meal plans?

The average, actual, hands-on time for meal prep is 25 minutes. The instructions included in your meal plan tell you when you should begin preparing a meal in order to eat at the time you want.

4. Will my family like the food?

Every recipe is tested and family-approved.
Plus, we offer many alternatives, substitutions, hints, and tips for picky eaters.

5. What does each menu include?

* A menu for a week’s worth of complete dinners
* Delicious recipes for each meal
* A thorough grocery list
* A daily, step-by-step guide for what to do when
* Optional substitutions and alternatives
* Time-saving tips

6. Can a Jennifer’s Kitchen menu save me money?

Most definitely. You’re less likely to order pizza or take a trip through the drive-thru when you not only know what you’re having for dinner that day, but you also have all the ingredients you need. And since your meals and grocery list are all planned out, there’s less wasted food – which means less wasted money. I also offer tips for saving money at the grocery store.

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