Health Information

Information to help you live a healthier life.

All about beans

How to use your bean – and why you should.

Is butter healthy?
Is butter a healthy option? What does the research say?
Calories In versus Calories Out
Does weight loss really boil down to calories in versus calories out.
Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? The answer may shock you.
Healthy Carob Cookies
Some surprising facts about chocolate … and a yummy recipe.
Diet Food - Does It Make You Fat

Do diet foods help with weight loss?

Healthy Garlic
All about the wonderful health benefits of garlic.
How to Eat Gluten-Free
Everything you need to know about a gluten free diet.
How to Eat Gluten-Free
A list of grains and grain-like ingredients that are naturally gluten-free.
How is corn-syrup made
The health concerns of high fructose corn syrup
How to Read an Ingredient Label
Here’s how to know what you are eating – and why you should.
Why You Should Ignore Nutrition Info
Why you should ignore nutrition info on labels.
Do Nuts Help with Weight Loss
Will nuts make you gain weight, or will they help you lose weight?
How to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder
Six things you can do to beat SAD.
sleep and weight loss and weight gain
How sleep affects weight gain and weight loss.
What's the difference between spices and herbs
What’s the difference between spices and herbs … and why you need to know.
Healthy Substitutions
Just a few simple changes for a healthy – and slimming – new you!
Where to Buy Raw Sugar
A list of some of the most commonly-used sweeteners with descriptions.
Is vinegar healthy?

Can vinegar help with weight loss?  Is it good for arthritis?  Can vinegar cure cancer? The answer may surprise you.