Cheap Food at a High Price

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from?

What about that burger?

The wheat for the bread is probably grown by a sweet, old farmer in Kansas.

And the meat?

From a farmer who feeds his little herd of cows on the grassy plains of Iowa.

And the lettuce and tomato are grown on a small family farm in sunny California.



Not sure why it took me so long, but I finally got around to watching the eye-opening, investigative documentary, Food Inc.

This informative – and sometimes shocking – film lifts the veil on the corporate food industry in America and exposes the powerful influence that money and politics have on the industrialization of our nation’s food supply.

Our nation’s current food production is a far cry from the quaint, family-farm images of green pastures and blue skies displayed on food packages.  On the contrary, the top four beef packers in the U.S. control more than 80 percent of the market.  Our food supply is almost entirely in the hands of giant corporations whose priorities are mass production and profit – at the expense of our health, the environment, and the livelihood of the small farmer.

Some of the ugly truths revealed in Food Inc. concerning America’s highly mechanized oligopoly are quite successfully hidden from the average consumer … all with the blessing of our very own USDA and FDA and politicians whose seem to be more concerned with protecting large corporations than the common people.

Make a Difference

I highly recommend watching Food Inc. Become informed so you can make good choices when you “vote with your dollar”.  Ignorance is not bliss; ignorance is enabling unjust corrupt practices.

Have you seen this film? What were your thoughts?

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  1. This may be a bit off-topic for this page. Would you happen to have any of your very own concoctions for a vegan burger or a vegan hotdog? That lovely vegan cheese made me think of it. I apologize if you already have one posted of your own and I missed. Thanks!

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